We need servers in our lives!

March 16, 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read

I need to reboot the server…. The server is so slow!… The server has crashed!

What exactly are servers?

Well, servers are like waiters or waitresses. Let me tell you how.

Imagine going to this fancy restaurant. You go in and take your seat. Who usually attends to you? A waiter or a waitress.

When you go on your browser (fancy restaurant) and type ‘uncomplex.io’ in the address bar, what happens? A waiter or waitress (server) serves you all the juicy content on uncomplex.io! 😋😋

We’ve all been servers at some point in our lives. Remember that time you grabbed a drink for a friend from the fridge? 😉

Servers are called what they are called (servers) because of what they do!

P.S The kind of server that your browser talks to is called a Web server!


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Those tech terms are really not complex!